Friday, September 03, 2010

Way Past Time!!!

It's way past Time the Country does what they should have Years Ago, Way Past!!

With new 'AO' rule out, VA readies spigot of payments

3 September 2010 - The Department of Veterans Affairs published its final regulation Aug. 31 for compensating Vietnam veterans with ischemic heart disease, Parkinson’s disease or B-cell leukemia, or their surviving spouses.

Veterans diagnosed with these diseases only will have to show they stepped foot in Vietnam sometime from Jan. 9, 1962 through May 7, 1975, to qualify for service-connected disability ratings and compensation.

The first batch of payments will be made immediately after Oct. 30, when a required 60-day review period for Congress will expire. {read more}

Don't like those taxes but love those wars, well it's pony up time and we're going to make sure the present veterans don't end up fighting the same battles that have been fought these past decades!!!

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