Sunday, September 05, 2010

Who Was Viewing The Intelligence??

Why is it the Brits, and others, are asking the questions we here in the U.S. should have been demanding answers of long ago as we led the Destructive Fiasco's of the past decade, Why??

If British armed forces chiefs weren't seeing intelligence, who was?

In an extract from his new book, Gen Sir Richard Dannatt reflects on the invasion of Iraq and Britain's involvement in Afghanistan.

05 Sep 2010 - There was also growing focus on the intelligence that underpinned the case for war with Iraq. This has been well documented by the Butler Inquiry, but my abiding recollection of the intelligence to which I was privy is just how thin it was. The UK’s case for war was based on the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, as regime change was, apparently, not an objective that the UK could support, at least officially. But I found the intelligence about weapons of mass destruction most uncompelling, and could only assume that the really key stuff was kept for the eyes of the most senior people. But who were they? I was seeing the intelligence as the Assistant Chief because periodically I stood in for Mike Walker at the chiefs of staff meetings. So if the chiefs were not seeing the killer intelligence, who was – if it actually existed at all? {read more}

Dannatt: why we are so bad at buying military kit

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