Monday, September 06, 2010

Worth the Costs? Not!!!

And oh is so many ways Not, So Many!

The war in Iraq: Was it worth the cost?

September 05, 2010 - Where did all the yellow ribbons go?

Once, those symbols of support were everywhere as America sent its first troops to Iraq in 2003. Stuck on car bumpers, refrigerators and yes, even tied around that old oak tree. And flags, too, waving wherever they could be hoisted in a patriotic tsunami of red, white and blue.

The retired Army officer who served in Vietnam, whose son was killed in Iraq in 2007, doesn't believe the United States learned anything from either war. "I think Americans generally, and American political leaders in Washington are both so eager to put Iraq in our rearview mirror that we're really missing a great opportunity to learn from this catastrophic experience," he said. {read more}

If we do no Accountability the coming decades will prove out how wrong and failed the policies were, especially as to National Security and more!

And why haven't we heard the super patriotic beck {becker even used a veterans org to get a better label for his tax purposes as to his rally of change and the hockey puck was right along for the ride!} or hockey puck types, and their legions of followers, Demanding 'Sacrifice' to care and fulfill the promises to this new generation of combat Vets they say they Oh So Support? We won't, they are no different then those for us returning 'Nam Vets and the Korean Vets before that!!

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