Friday, October 01, 2010

Statement from Admiral Allen on the Transfer of Oversight Responsibilities

October 1, 2010 - "Today the National Incident Command is disestablished and I have transferred oversight of the BP oil spill response to Rear Admiral Paul Zukunft, the Unified Area Commander, in New Orleans. Response operations will continue under transition plans that have developed with our state and local partners. Unity of effort must continue to be our common goal. Our commitment to this response and the people of the Gulf of Mexico remains and I am pleased that Rear Admiral Zukunft will continue his dedicated service. This response has been unprecedented in its scope and complexity and we cannot forget the 11 crew members that lost their lives. As I transition to a new phase of my professional life, I want to thank the thousands of individuals from all levels of government, local communities and organizations, and the private sector who worked tirelessly to contain the discharge, shut in the well, clean up the oil and mitigate the impacts of the spill. It has been my honor to have served with them."

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