Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Way to Create Green Jobs?

The great way would be to wrest that corporate and personal wealth from the hands of the grossly overpaid incompetent execs and investment class, along with 'our?' government representatives who support, and their 'free trade trickle down' capitalism con game of the past some thirty years! Start investing into the new infrastructure needs as well as existing!

New Momentum for Home Energy Efficiency

2010-12-30 - Home weatherization is renewable energy's less glamorous, low-tech, little sister. But the government and green industry advocates also think it's a great way to create green jobs. As Emma Jacobs in Binghamton reports for the WXXI Innovation Trail, momentum on home energy efficiency is growing, but slowly.

Early on a bitterly cold morning, Paul Carroll has assembled his class on the curb. Carroll's showing the group how to analyze the energy use of the home he's facing. But he takes a moment to point out an instructive detail on a neighbor's tiled roof. "There's snow there, but there's no snow anyplace else. That indicates to me that if it wasn't for heat getting into that attic from downstairs, there would be snow on all of that roof."

It's the first instruction he'll give in a day full of lessons. This field day caps off a week-long class on how to conduct an energy audit of a home to identify what a homeowner could do to make it more energy-efficient.

The group works all the way around the house looking for potential points of entry for cold air. They all have construction background and can't help pointing out nice woodwork to each other, and the house s flaws. Student Dee Little points out to his instructor where water pouring out of a broken drainpipe has worn mortar away from the foundation.

Little's here because he's out of work. He's a carpenter. "Seems to be a theme," he jokes. {continued}

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