Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Iraqs Women and Their Children

Ahhh, that 'bringing freedom and democracy' at the point of bombs and guns just works so great for those at the receiving end, Not!!!!

IRAQ: Displaced women still struggle for survival

Photo: jamesdale10/Flickr: Life is tough for female IDPs who have returned to their homes (file photo)

7 December 2010 - Displaced Iraqi female-headed families who have returned home are still experiencing major livelihood challenges, says the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

An IOM survey of 1,355 female-headed displaced families who have returned to their places of origin found that 74 percent are struggling to secure adequate nutrition for their families.

Delays in receiving subsidized government food rations or lack of some food items in the rations force women to buy food with whatever money they have, adding to their struggle, the report, issued on 3 December, states.

The survey also found that health problems and social norms had prevented nearly 40 percent of them from finding jobs. Of those who are able to work, 71 percent are unemployed.

About 40 percent of those surveyed said they depended on relatives, neighbours, NGOs and religious groups to meet their needs. And more than 25 percent had a family member with chronic disease while one in four lacked access to healthcare.

"These women have to support their children and elderly family members. Without a steady income, they become reliant on support from whoever can give it but it is not systematic," said Antonio Salanga, IOM's head of the Baghdad regional hub. {read rest}

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