Monday, December 27, 2010

MSM {finally}: Unclaimed Stop Loss Funds

After all these months and a number of extensions, the latest deadline March 4, 2011 was in the Continuing Resolution signed by the President last week, the media is finally picking up the story. But like this report it's only telling half of the information. No where is this one speaking also to the Beneficiaries of soldiers that may have been killed while in Stop Loss, they to are eligible to receive this benefit.

$250M Unclaimed in Stop Loss Compensation Act

Just 69,000 of 145,000 Eligible Servicemen and Women Filed for Compensation for Serving Past Their Original Discharge Date

Dec. 26, 2010 - Michael Pereira served his country with honor -- in Afghanistan. Four years ago, he looked forward to leaving the service to be with his wife and family. But he was forced to put his civilian life on hold, reports CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts.

"When I was told that our unit would be stop lossed due to our deployment to Afghanistan I really didn't know what it meant at that time," said Afghanistan veteran Michael Pereira.

Due to the need for more troops, Pereira was barred from leaving the military -- and ordered to serve five more months. He was stop lossed.

Pereira's story -- and thousands of stories like his -- were made into a movie about the Military Stop-Loss program.

Years later Uncle Sam is now saying thank you. It's called the Stop Loss Compensation Act. Those eligible get $500 for every month a service member served past their original discharge date. Pereira recently filed a claim, and is expecting a check in the mail.

For Air Force Sgt. Eric Sharman and his wife Melissa, who received their check in August, the money couldn't have come at a better time.

"We’re trying to move into a larger apartment," said Melissa Sharman. "We've got a baby on the way." {continued}

If anyone knows any soldiers or families of who would be beneficiaries, or even suspect they may not know about this or have applied for, Please Pass On The Information as well as lead them to the Government site Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay that will give them all the information they need as to applying and receiving their just due!!

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