Friday, December 31, 2010

The Muslim Holocaust:

The legacy of American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Dec 30, 2010 - American mass media have covered up the most important fact in the ongoing wars -- the number of people slaughtered. From the initial invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq major media have served as cheerleaders for the bloodshed, spreading the lies that led us to war.

As an old combat vet still shocked by what I saw 45 years ago in Vietnam, where we slaughtered more millions in war based on lies, I decided to look into what is happening in the current wars, discovering that as many as 7 million innocents may have been slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I first looked for government or mass media reports for this article, but found little help from them, concluding they are not at all interested in the victims of war.

The charge of a cover up by mass media seems obvious, as it is unconscionable that major media, a multi-billion dollar industry, could not find the numbers. It seems obvious as well that such numbers would shock the public and turn them against the wars, perhaps the reason for the silence of mass media in contributing to their avid war support by adhering to the words of General Tommy Franks that "We don't do body counts."

As far as the people of Iraq are concerned, the Iraq war is now more than 20 years old. It began in 1990 with deadly economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, followed by a 1991 attack by President George HW Bush against Iraqi forces, continuing with sanctions after the hot war ended, more hot war with President Clinton's Operation Desert Fox, and continued sanctions until lifted in 2003 with the Iraq invasion, while the occupation still crawls forward. {continued}

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