Friday, December 17, 2010

Tricked by Fake Veterans Charity

And so was the now Attorney General of Virginia, or was he tricked, as he held onto his campaign largesse, some 65grand from this so called veterans org, up till a couple of weeks ago and refused to open up investigations like the other states had already started and were well into, now with indictments as they search for the scumbag!!

Former scam prosecutor says she was tricked by fake veterans charity

12/16/2010 - She served as the head of the consumer division of Ohio’s Attorney General’s office. Her job included investigating scams and prosecuting scam artists.

Now Helen MacMurray says she was bamboozled herself by a man who led a “brilliant” national scheme to steal millions of dollars from Americans who thought they were contributing to a charity benefitting Navy veterans.

For almost half a year, the I-Team has reported on the United States Navy Veterans Association, a Tampa-based organization that claimed to have chapters in 41 states, including Ohio. The group called itself a charity and used two telemarketing firms to raise millions of dollars across the country. After investigation, the Ohio chapter turned out to merely consist of a UPS box in downtown Cincinnati.

The group’s founder called himself Bobby Thompson, which prosecutors say is a stolen identity. No one knows his real name, or his current whereabouts, since he met with MacMurray in June in New York City.

“Thompson” donated nearly $300,000, mostly to conservative candidates across the nation. In Ohio he made political contributions to Senator George Voinovich, former Senator Mike DeWine and U.S. Representatives Jeanne Schmidt and Steve Chabot. His largesse won him access to top Republicans, including photo opportunities with George W. Bush.

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray says Thompson diverted donations Americans made to the United States Navy Veterans Association to fund political contributions instead. That leaves millions of dollars unaccounted. {continued}

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