Monday, December 06, 2010

War out of Mind? Think of the Kids of the Military and Veterans!

Especially at this time of year. Seems very few, and I mean Very Few even mention the Wars of Choice and most certainly aren't demanding 'sacrifice' from those that cheered them on, the greater majority, out of site, few media reports, out of mind! Even the ones that brought them on and rubber stamped the credit cards of costs are instead demanding 'No Sacrifice' in the form of continued tax cuts!

Marine veteran's son needs a bed and a new furry friend

Larry Kolvoord/AMERICAN-STATESMAN: Stacey Kennedy's son Richmond loves animals and dreams of one day being a veterinarian. He volunteers with a dog rescue group.

Dec. 6, 2010 - Richmond Kennedy, a 10-year-old boy who makes good grades, is already thinking about Harvard. "Or Yale. I want to be a veterinarian," he said.

In school, he likes language arts and science. In a dream world that is fueled by the Animal Planet TV channel, he loves tortoises, boa constrictors, scorpions, hamsters and guinea pigs.

His guinea pig, Richmond Jr., died recently, and he wants another. But Richmond's mother, Stacey Kennedy has other priorities. The single mom works but has no car. She loves to cook but doesn't have all the right pots and pans and kitchen appliances to make everything she likes.

"I can bake a mean apple pie," said Kennedy, 47, a Marine veteran who received an honorable discharge after a back injury.

The Kennedys are part of the Austin American-Statesman's annual Season for Caring campaign, which helps 12 featured families and hundreds of others served by area nonprofit agencies.

Despite struggling to make ends meet, Kennedy provides her son opportunities to grow. On the third Saturday of every month, he volunteers with a cocker spaniel rescue group that shows dogs available for adoption at the Petco store in the Arboretum. {read rest}

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