Monday, December 06, 2010

Wars/Occupations! Veterans Of! Tax Cuts! Sacrifice???

For us Veterans, who've been Advocates for our Brothers and Sisters for years, fighting the Citizens of this Country, when one hears 'tax cuts', especially for the extremely wealthy of the past decade, one is shown Exactly how hollow those words "Support the Troops!" are! Especially after this past decade of those reaping their wealth from two wars of choice, and still doing so, as their reps press for continued 'Non-Sacrifice!' and not only the wealthy!!!!
Even the 'magnetic ribbons' are gone from the 'purple heart bandages' crowds vehicles!!

Obama, tax cuts, and the rich

Dec 06, 2010 - For Republicans, it's about keeping the same tax rates that have been in place for nearly a decade.

For Democrats, it's about tax cuts for the rich.

Those differing views dominate discussion of a possible deal over the George W. Bush tax cuts that expire at the end of the year.

Obama and the Democrats are, reluctantly, discussing an extension of all the Bush tax cuts, even those for the wealthy, but only a temporary one. {read rest}

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