Friday, September 16, 2011

The last hype for 9/11 industry is over

“George W Bush has blood on his hands, and Tony Blair too"
September 16, 2011 - The 9/11 industry harvested its biggest riches on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the yet-to-be fully documented coordinated attacks on the United States of America which produced the era of awe and shock, bull-dozed all international norms, and initiated two great wars of the twenty-first century.


What remains in American memory is the bombast of Obama and the deception of Colin Powell, the US secretary of state on September 11, 2001 and George Bush’s point man on the world stage, who made the case for war with Iraq at the United Nations. Colin Powell was interviewed by Al-Jazeera and his non-repentant voice said, “I gave that speech at four hours’ notice; the information was verified by all the secret agencies, but, unfortunately it proved to be false.”


Colin Powell’s crime against humanity only pales when compared to Tony Blair’s, whose “dossier on Iraq” was the final nail in the coffin of US-British moral authority, if it ever existed. Blair, like Powell and Bush, has yet to repent his crime against millions of human beings. What he said about Iraq was, to put it mildly, fabricated lies. Declassified evidence released by the Iraq War Inquiry directly contradicts everything he said.

Major General Michael Laurie, a senior Defence Intelligence Staff official at the time, has told the Iraq Inquiry that in fact, an earlier dossier had been rejected by the Blair administration because it did not make the case for war strongly enough, and that his superiors were “under pressure” to produce a stronger case for invasion. Laurie made the statement in response to what Alistair Campbell, Blair’s spin doctor had said.

That both Bush and Blair have blood on their hands is now an established truth. Their accomplices are as guilty of the crime; they had the choice to resign from their positions, as some others did. Laurie has now admitted in writing that a “previous paper, drafted in February and March [2002], known to us then also as ‘the dossier’, was rejected because it did not make a strong enough case. From then until September we were under pressure to find intelligence that could reinforce the team left no stone unturned in searching for evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but we could find no evidence of planes, missiles or equipment that related to WMD, generally concluding that they must have been dismantled, buried or taken abroad.” Laurie wrote that in the final stages of production of the dossier, facts were ‘managed’ to make them as convincing as possible, “reaching beyond the conclusions intelligence assessments would normally draw from such facts.”

Iraq continues to bleed. So does Afghanistan. The last hype for the 9/11 industry is over. Ten years after the start of an apparently interminable war, the United States of America is reeling under economic pressure. read more>>>

The only thing I disagree on in this is the use of the 'bombast of Obama' in the beginning. These wars were dumped on the present administration and what everyone not fighting them nor being asked to, nor Especially not demanding the Country finally Sacrifice as to the results of, is that they are leading not as the military leaders want them to but the soldiers fighting want. There is no big movement in the ranks to end yet, drawdowns yes, as many really are trying to help the people in those theaters, as there was during ours, Vietnam, and no that wasn't the draftee's only nor did they start the movement. The soldier are still willing to go because their brothers and sisters are going. Even the once pro-peace, now bashing Obama, carrying the tepub tea buckets, fail to see that their ranks are not filled with these new soldiers nor veterans of these two wars and they aren't even demanding Inquiries and Indictments against the real criminals in this country, nor Especially seeking that Sacrifice!!

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