Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Weathering Change" Climate Change Documentary

One Family Weathers Climate Change in Ethiopia
September 26, 2011 - WOLLO, ETHIOPIA — Fatima Said Yesuf woke up when she felt the water touching her face.

She opened her eyes, and it was all around her. Her clothes were drenched. She was no longer on her bed, but floating next to it, among rocks, sand, and what remained of her home.

“That’s when I realized the flood had overpowered the walls and swept us off the bed,” she said. “I started to shout and wake everybody up.”

Fatima and her husband, disoriented and barely awake, frantically fished for their six daughters in the rising tide. They waded through the water, climbed over rocks and hurried to Fatima’s father’s house. At first, they couldn’t find their infant, and Fatima feared she had been swept away in the flood. Thankfully, the girl survived, despite taking in a lot of water through her nose and mouth.

“I never thought that my family would be in danger because of a rain,” Fatima’s husband, Mohammed, said. “We’ve never experienced it. For the rain to come down that hard and flood my house with rocks and sand, and endanger my family… it never crossed my mind.” read more>>>

September 22, 2011 - A new documentary, Weathering Change, tells the stories of women around the world who are shouldering the burdens of climate change. To hear more from Fatima and the other women featured visit Weathering Change.

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