Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ahhh, the 1% of BofA and Occupy Charlotte

Well last night was friday, I knew that watching the News Dump on the local news as the parents, kids and others were getting ready for the friday night football games.

The Bank of America 1% are alive and well and at least two execs. are now very comfortable, though they were before getting dumped.

BofA's Krawcheck, Price to get millions in severance

Multimillion payments for 2 include base salary plus at least $4.15M lump sum.

Hey and they also get a year of continued coverage of their, I'll bet, extremely great health care coverage, which has to be a perk write off for BofA, corps got so many.

Oct. 07, 2011 - Two top Bank of America executives who left in a management shake-up last month will receive multimillion dollar severance payments, according to a securities filing from the bank Friday afternoon.

Sallie Krawcheck, who was president of wealth and investment management, is slated to receive a year's base salary, $850,000, plus a $5.15 million lump sum payment.

Joe Price, formerly head of consumer and small business banking, also will receive a year's salary of $850,000, plus a $4.15 million payout.

The two left the company Sept. 6 in an executive reorganization announced as part of the company's streamlining initiative. read more>>>

With the late Friday break of this news, Friday news dump, about the severance pay to these two BofA execs, you know them 'job creators', following the slam on lower monetary account holders. It was also reported they'll hit Wall Street and Congress and plead and whine about the why these extra charges are needed, hey gotta keep these execs extremely comfortable even though their incompetent as seen with the BofA years of failed policy and business moves, hopefully more will show at the Occupy Charlotte rally this afternoon and use All of this as they march on BofA!!

Occupy Charlotte

The first gathering was poetic, exhilarating, energizing, supportive and just the beginning of our journey. Grant Baldwin has created a visual journal of our Saturday afternoon in the park and power march to BOA headquarters. It is important to remember this day as our starting point for change. Join us for our second General Assembly Meeting, Saturday, October 8 at 3pm. We will meet at the Old City Hall and move forward.

Our tentative schedule is:

3pm General Assembly* Announcements

3:30pm Volunteer Working Groups

4pm March to Bank of America

5pm Open forum

Please remember we are practicing peace and we ask that there be no violence or destruction. Acquaint yourself with the guide to General Assembly. more at site

I'm sure there will be updates either leading up to this afternoon as well as probably tomorrow about today's action. There was a plenty of cause before but now the Friday night news dump added to the need to voice opposition to even more then BofA!!

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