Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bogus 'Occupy Wall Street' Sites?! WARNING!!!!!

Watch out for these types of gimmicks popping up or tebaggers trying to use sanity for their insanity to gain profit from or outside of their corporate funding extra cash!

Caught this from NPR:

Seemingly Bogus Website Uses 'Occupy Party' Name... To Sell Ads

As the Occupy Wall Street movement inspires protests in more U.S. cities, a website has popped up that seems to be trading on the group's somewhat nebulous status and lack of formal organization.

The site, called, has been disavowed on the actual Occupy Wall Street site, where the author also noted, "We are not a political institution."

OccupyParty has a landing page that features what you might expect from a young political movement: images of a diverse crowd of smiling people, waving flags; an image of the U.S. Constitution; and a video purporting to show dastardly Wall Street bankers. read more>>>

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