Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Iowa City: Preparing for the Cold in a Democracy

What a concept in a Democratic Country, working in cooperation with each other, between the parties involved and under the existing community laws.
Wonder why this wasn't thought of before, oh wait it once was but now it depends on if funded by corporate entities or are really free, democratic and grassroots from the bottom up! As are the Occupy Actions around the Country!

Protesters resume constructing shelter
25 October 2011 - Occupy Iowa City protesters are continuing to construct a 120-square-foot structure at College Green Park after meeting with city officials Monday.

Initial construction of the shelter was halted Oct. 21, when Mike Moran, the director of Iowa City Parks and Recreation, sent a memo to members of the Occupy movement.

He ordered construction "must cease immediately" until protesters submit a permit application for the use of College Green Park. Moran said in the memo he would consider the appropriateness of a temporary structure if the protesters submitted the application.

"We want to give it a fair shake," Moran told The Daily Iowan Monday. "We'll react based on what they say their intentions are."

Members of the group met Monday morning with city officials and formally applied for a permit to occupy the park, a decision that was ratified in the group's general assembly with little resistance — despite initial reservations previously expressed to The Daily Iowan by some protesters.

"They're being cooperative with us; we should be cooperative with them," said Stephany Hoffelt, an Occupy protester who was present at the assembly. "They're not really the enemy."

After applying for the permit, several protesters met with city officials and outlined specifications for the temporary structure. The demonstrators are now building the structure to suit the parameters. read more>>>

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