Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy: #occupyDC, #occupyKst, #occupywallstreet, #ows

Joseph Marks, over at Nextgov, has a pretty good writeup about the 'occupyDC', within the bubble, actions that encompasses the whole Occupy Grassroots Movement, Real Grassroots, not corporate or political party media hyped groups.

Social media enables Occupy DC protests and defines them too

10/13/2011 - The mishmash of different principles and goals floating around the Occupy DC protest's headquarters near lobbyist-heavy K Street is a lot like the near cacophony of Tweets streaming under the movement's #occupyDC and #occupyKst hash tags, said Kelly Mears, a leader of the group's social media outreach.

"Twitter would be the digital analogue or parallel for this space," he told Nextgov this week. "Everyone has the same 140-character burst transmission and if it resonates, then you're heard."

That decentralized and democratized form of messaging is confusing for some older people and for many mainstream media outlets, which want the movement to have a central platform they can assess and official spokespeople to call for comment, Mears said.

And yet it would be difficult for the movement to be anything else.

Occupy DC sprang up quickly and organically, first on social media and then in-person after the success of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which launched Sept. 17 in New York. Since then, Occupy movements aimed generally at frustration over the nation's long-standing economic woes and income inequality have sprouted up in dozens of cities nationwide.

That loosely bound, ground-up, social media-driven organizing model, which occupiers often compare with the Jan. 25 uprisings in Egypt's Tahrir Square, would fit poorly with the top-down management and messaging structure of traditional protest movements. And the outfit would risk losing many supporters if leaders tried to impose a broad set of standard principles or positions.

"A lot of people here refer to [the movement] as the American Fall in response to the Arab Spring," Mears said. "And I think that's an excellent way to think about it. Without social media and without new media, then it's the '90s and we're all disconnected and disparate entities. We may have problems with the way things are and we may see things that are appalling to us, but there isn't a forum to discuss those things." read more>>>

The Demands are each individuals reasons for participating, those demands intertwine with the others they are around or those far away!

The Reasons are in the posters, in the writings from, in speaking with each individual!

That's Grassroots Activism not media needed lists, media needed leaders, or corporate funded think tank meme's passed to a few to feed those that parrot, nor corporate funded groups 'think tea', to tear apart with your opinions while calling themselves 'experts?'!!

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