Thursday, October 27, 2011

United Mine Workers of America: ”Industrial Homicide“

Mine Workers Report: Upper Big Branch ‘A Bomb Waiting to Go Off’
Oct 26, 2011 - There were many factors that led up to the April 5, 2010, explosion that killed 29 coal miners at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch (W.Va.) mine, according to a new Mine Workers (UMWA) report on the disaster. But according to the report—”Industrial Homicide“—“there is only one source for all of them:”

A rogue corporation, acting without real regard for mine safety and health law and regulations, that established a physical working environment that can only be described as a bomb waiting to go off.

And that same company established a working environment where, operating through subterfuge, fear and intimidation, management prevented any opportunity for the workers to know the full range of dangerous conditions in the mine, or to effectively protest them even if they did know.

Upper Big Branch was a nonunion mine, but following the explosion miners and their families asked the UMWA to be their designated representative in the investigation. The final Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) report will be released later this year.

The UMWA report says management at Upper Big Branch (UBB) “deliberately flouted” well-established safety and health laws even after the mine was cited multiple times by state and federal agencies. read more>>>

UMWA: Upper Big Branch Mine ”Industrial Homicide“

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