Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coming Home: A Three Part Series

No Revenue = No Sacrifice = No Support! Now a decade long added to the previous decades of an underfunded Veterans Administration, and in to many cases politically run, while country supports it's wars and ever increasing defense budgets while only some 1% serve and are sent!

Middle TN families struggle to pay cost of war
For many returning veterans and their spouses, life after deployment may never be the same


During a two-year deployment to Iraq, Army Reserve Maj. Michael Osborn glimpsed life back home in Lascassas through a grainy computer video camera.

He’d talk with wife Kimberly and their four youngest sons, who gave Mom all she could handle. Some days, he just watched as she cooked and the boys played. He even went to church, receiving a sermon through a computer placed on the first pew.

But there is much the major missed.

He’ll soon begin to reassemble home life as one of almost 30,000 soldiers due to return from Iraq by year’s end. read more>>>

Coming Home: Veterans face long waits for medical care
As Iraq war winds down, returning veterans will test an already stressed VA health system

Nov. 25, 2011 - Coming Home | Second of Three Parts

Bradley A. Collier of Nashville came home from Iraq 100 percent disabled. All it took was a shot from a sniper followed by an exploding grenade.

He lost half a lung, suffered nerve damage and developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

He is not alone. More than 2 million veterans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and thousands of them have been injured and disabled. Another influx of troops soon will return as combat operations wind down, creating more demands on an already overburdened health-care system. They probably will face long waits in Veterans Affairs hospitals. read more>>>

Tough job market in store for veterans
Despite new tax credits, employers reluctant to hire


Middle Tennessee employers and workforce experts say new federal tax breaks approved by Congress to entice companies to hire veterans may amount to no more than half a loaf when it comes to helping a wave of soldiers exiting the military find civilian jobs.

Veterans will get an extra advantage when applying for open positions with private and government employers, but the benefits may not be enough to persuade a civilian company to add to its payroll if the economy doesn’t pick up more momentum.

Under a program signed into law by President Barack Obama, employers that hire veterans could qualify for up to $5,600 per veteran under a so-called Returning Heroes tax credit, or $9,600 for a veteran who qualifies as a “Wounded Warrior.” read more>>>


but the benefits may not be enough to persuade a civilian company to add to its payroll if the economy doesn’t pick up more momentum.

please explain how this oft used meme makes any damn sense!

As to Jobs, especially for Veterans in Georgia but found elsewhere as well, in this economy collapsed while we were sending you the 1% into our present wars of choice you need look no further then the failed new capitalism of the past thirty odd years, free market supply side and a decade of huge wealth growth at the top, especially off these wars, with no taxes {revenue}, the obstructionist in congress, your reps, and the mentality, or total lack of, the past couple of years as shown by business owners like this clown: Georgia Business Owner Pledges 'No New Hiring'! So you younger brothers and sister Veterans in Georgia need not apply but please do take him up on his request to Salute him when you see him!

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