Saturday, November 12, 2011

DeJa-Vu all over again: America's Next War

As mentioned in the end of the CBS video below the soldiers coming back from these two conflicts are facing the same as we did coming back from Vietnam, and the economy then wasn't in collapse nor was all the wealth sitting at the top and not being invested in economic growth. Many reap profit from War, either directly especially today or through investments on Wall Street, especially the wealthy. Yet they send soldiers into then come up with excuses when same return from!

Back then they gave all kinds of excuses, after sending us into an occupation of choice of another country and people. From the always been but finally labeled, but still misunderstood, PTSD to being drug abusers to being slackers and so much more. Already those serving in these conflicts have been labeled by the same capitalist ideologies, showing absolutely no understanding of the military training and life, after being readily sent into the hells on earth Wars of Choice. The training and life in the military for every soldier, especially sent into wars, brings many qualities All businesses need and are not taught in the class rooms of our education systems, they're taught in the experiences and living within the military system and given no degree's stating so, they come out much more experienced then their peers who never served and those qualities can are already there rather then having the need to teach every new employee not living in that type of structure till employed, especially in developed common sense and the very critical thought needs for military and business.

Add to this, employment and integration, the same problems since Korea, an underfunded Veterans Administration, which cost more to fix from the minor to any major problems, instead of building what America's responsibility to those who serve it is an agency that stays or leads in the advancing innovations and technologies. Which finally are starting to happen even with the country Not Sacrificing as it's still underfunded and obstructed in Congress, but still greatly lags from the past needs to the present needs!

America's Next War

America's next fight will take place thousands of miles away from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, in special cities where some of the wars' most grievously wounded troops begin their journeys to their new normal. TIME reporter Nate Rawlings, himself an Iraq War veteran, takes an inside look at Brooke Army Medical Center, a place where, as some have said, miracles are manufactured

Nov. 11, 2011 - Sergeant Sebastian Gallegos is standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring at a carton of eggs on the counter. "You can do this," his occupational therapist, Lisa Smurr, tells him. "It's too easy." He exhales and reaches toward the carton with his robotic right arm, which beeps three times before the pincer at the end of it closes around an egg. As he carries the egg toward a mixing bowl, the pincer tightens, cracking the shell. Gallegos's sense of humor, however, is still intact. "At least I didn't get my hands dirty," he says.

On the second try, the broad-shouldered Marine picks up an egg with his prosthetic and breaks it cleanly into the bowl. After whisking it, he slowly, but flawlessly, cooks it in a pan. The exercise is part confidence builder, part rehabilitation, as Gallegos learns to use the complicated prosthetic he received only two weeks before. read more>>>

Finding work for unemployed veterans

For many veterans, years of military service are not helping them find a job. The unemployment rate for veterans aged 18 to 24 is more than 30 percent. Elaine Quijano reports on the struggle to put military members back to work.

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