Monday, November 07, 2011

Educators use Occupy Movement

Not saying it All but laying out the groundwork on only One of the Many issues the Occupy Movement encompasses, and there are Many, hear that MSM!

to Empower Students, Defend Public Education
FSRN: An unequal financial system that contributes to poverty and joblessness is an ongoing focus of the Occupy movement but little attention has been paid to educators

The many many issues, just read the posters and listen to the people, of the Occupy Movement are branching out with the help of those involved and their area's of concerns, joined together to embrace All that is now wrong with this society and has been for a couple of decades!
By The Way teabaggers, The Tea Party is Over and so are the phony meme's of the label of 'grassroots' everybody still keeps trying to label you with!
This is real grassroots, not corporate funded nor backed, and like many others before, and will continue to be, is built from the bottom up and those involved take activism and advocacy to their area's of concern from the mass movement which embraces it all!!

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