Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiring of Veterans

Lets get something straight. The soldiers returning from WWII were one of main forces in building the economic growth economy and innovative workforce, envied by the world, we once had, as well as the rapid growth of the new middle class in many ways, from trades to education, started during the needed rapid production needs taught to women who were recruited to join the production needs, non traditional jobs back then, by those males who couldn't or wouldn't join the military then. Even those with physical and mental, Combat PTSD and other mental injuries weren't even recognized as they hadn't been before, injuries from the death and destruction in war.

Those who returned from Korea, still the mental wounds weren't recognized, joined what the previous veterans and the country had started building. Same for us Vietnam veterans, finally understanding the mental wounds of war and the stresses of as well as the brain injuries and causes from. The Country ignored what we were saying while mostly shunning us and using harsh descriptions to minimize what they didn't want to pay for, still underfunding their responsibility, the Veterans Administration, to those of us who take an oath to serve this Country and Constitution.

That growth stopped some thirty years ago as the capitalist greed finally started getting what they've always wanted, all the wealth from the labor production and pushing backwards in every way on sharing, in the new capitalism ideology, forecast when it started to collapse and it did and still is.

And DeJa-Vu, all over again, we're going through same once again as these soldiers are returning from the two present wars with the qualities, as those of us before, not found in their peers who didn't serve. Those qualities honed in the military, especially critical thought and common sense, that all business models need for growth and don't need to be trained in, as well as the many professional work needs of All businesses that their peers paid thousands to get a piece of paper stating they're ready for the work world. It doesn't take a piece of paper exclaiming intelligence to not only serve in our military, gaining advancements and growing responsibilities and much more, and to be sent into the wars the country seeks and profits from, but they pick up very quickly what a business wants from them as employee's in their structure, much quicker then their peer's and less costly.

Finally PTS, and mental injuries, is not only being recognized, not only combat PTS but that in the civilian world as well, the country can no longer ignore the reality of. But they still are making excuses and meme's on while refusing to 'sacrifice' themselves and cover their end of the contracts signed and sealed in oath, though. Still not being fully recognized and understood that it can be not only controlled but those with don't cause any more problems in the workforce nor in the communities then anyone else might, especially if the help is there for them all.

Corporate Excuses

Uncertainty about skills, injuries dampens hiring of veterans

11/11/2011 - It’s rare for the Senate to agree on something these days, but Thursday’s tax credit amendment for companies that hire veterans garnered unanimous support. If it works, it could be a godsend for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, who have a significantly higher unemployment rate than the rest of the population.

Nationwide, 12.1 percent of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are out of work, compared with 9 percent of the general population. So what’s keeping these recent veterans out of civilian jobs?

First, there are the countless environmental factors: After serving, many vets return to their hometowns, and those areas may or may not have robust job markets. Many also return with debilitating injuries that might delay their job searches for months, and few enlisted service members have bachelor’s degrees upon re-entering the workforce.

But there is also substantial amount of uncertainty among prospective employers. In a 2010 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, 60 percent of employers responded that “translating military skills to civilian job experience is a major challenge” when it comes to hiring veterans. read more>>>

The Not Corporate Reality

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