Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KO Special Comment: OWS and Bloomberg's Stormtroopers

When police and or military are used in other countries to suppress the citizens of, violently, and especially when torture is used, while here some actually tout how well it works, it doesn't, we here hear from all the corporate media the condemnation of and all the words to describe them, like hired thugs and much more, including the condemnation of the extreme dictatorial leadership that orders the violent suppression. But when it happens on this soil those leaders and the way over use, and expensive, of police in riot gear and the potentially dangerous machinery for suppression are used they become the darlings of the media outlets and the 1% that control and the citizens many righteous grievances' are lost to them and not the news.

But let groups funded by special interests and hyped 24/7, in this cable age, more darlings, yell and scream and cause harm to others or carry loaded weapons into crowds of mostly innocent adults and children and they get hyped as a major force of change continuously especially when they have no coherent messages of any change but only power and wealth grab of their chosen few who they worship!

Keith Olbermann Destroys Michael Bloomberg With An Epic Special Comment

15 November 2011 - And by the way, Mayor Bloomberg’s arguments about “health and safety” trumping free speech aren’t looking so hot. The Guardian reports:

Constitutional lawyers said health and safety was unlikely to trump the first amendment. Darius Charney, attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), said the right of people to assemble peacefully in political protest was one of the most fundamental rights under the first amendment.

“In my view, the health and safety issues are rather minimal in comparison to the first amendment issue,” he said.

All speech is protected under US law, but political speech has the greatest legal protection.

This is still America. Solidarity, Occupiers. The world is watching.

'Occupy' is here to stay

Nov. 15: Robert Reich, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton talks with Rachel Maddow about the staying power of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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This is What Democracy Looks Like and what the Dictator Mentality and the Riot Geared Storm Troopers wanted Destroyed

The visible products for and the personal search of Knowledge

'Occupy Wall Street' library shows spine
Nov. 15: Jeff Sharlet, author and assistant professor at Dartmouth University, talks with Rachel Maddow about the People's Library at Occupy Wall Street and his insights on the Occupy movement having covered it for Rolling Stone.

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Compare the news you're watching or reading about in just the past couple of days, the actions this past week against innocent peaceful opposition here and the now long running very violent and deadly suppression in Syria, worldwide condemnation, within many of the same news shows.

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