Friday, November 04, 2011

Occupy, Oakland, Actually Help the Police

And what happens in return, well visit this post about the second seriously injured Veteran.

This was aired on CBS news tonight, 4 November 2011, short report but giving a clear explanation of what came down as to the violence in Oakland after a very strong and peaceful march and daily actions, and who are responsible for the negative non peaceful actions.

Is "Black Bloc" hijacking Occupy Oakland?
Peaceful protests by the Occupy Oakland movement were overshadowed this week by violent clashes between a small group of demonstrators and police. Now there's concern among the majority of protesters that their message is being hijacked. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone looks into this latest development.


It wasn't the only time during a huge Occupy demonstration in Oakland this week that protesters found themselves on opposite sides. When dozens of black clad marchers began attacking a supermarket, others urged them to stop -- finally linking arms to protect the store from further destruction.

One demonstrator, Sheik Anderson, distanced most of the protesters from the violence.

"We called the mayor's office the moment we understood what was going on over there," said Anderson. "That was an anonymous action, that was nothing to do with Occupy Oakland. read more>>>

There have been a couple, only, reports today on the 'Black Bloc' and these surprisingly coming from the msm, who seemed to ignore the real reports as to other certain groups packing loaded weapons, and not just pistols, at very public very crowded gatherings including Presidential visits, with kids and many others there if something had gone wrong.

A thought on this 'Black Bloc'. Since they surfaced, some years back at many protests, I always get the feeling of DeJa-Vu back in the 60's and 70's and what we came to understand, especially as to the secret FBI files on many veteran brothers. Some of these leaders of these types of anarchist groups could be paid provocateurs, not hard to fill ranks to follow ones lead. Back then they were students some in SDS and of course actual undercover authorities of different law enforcement groups. Not saying these are, but it even mentions in this report that when they act they get the press not the peaceful protestors.

I don't need to bet, but will say I doubt the vet that was seriously injured, and not taken care of right away, wasn't in black nor wearin a mask, as we all know Scott wasn't!

Speaking of Scott. Got a short note from a VFP member, in a VFP e-mailing news letter, saying that he was in recent contact with him via computer and had caught him between dinner and a shower. He said that Scott relayed he's getting better, would like to be back on the Street for Actions in Oakland for Veterans Day but that might not happen as he still isn't quite up to par, naturally, and doubts the doctors would OK that or if he'd even be out of the hospital. Also said his mother is coming there to stay while he recuperates.

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