Monday, November 21, 2011

Pepper Spray Here?, Not!!

Will we see 'riot control dressed authorities' spraying pepper spray at those who have already started camping out on sidewalks, blocking traffic flow and interfering with shoppers, at the 'black friday' cult like activities!!

Somehow I think Not!!

‘Occupy Best Buy’? Shoppers Are Already Camping Out for Black Friday Sales

Local man camping for Black Friday deals

Black Friday Shoppers Camp Out Early

A friend on facebook just posted this in response to one of the above articles:


To wit I posted this in response:

"I was thinking same thing Jon, and something tells me at least some of the occupy groups are as well. Just think if they joined these fools and set up tents with them, on the sidewalks and in the parking lots, what a trip watching the authorities try and figure out who's who!!"

The following picture, like many, speaks one of the messages of 'occupy':

And another making the rounds with a few similar ones does as well, but the opposite of 'occupy':

A message: "Shop local small businesses if you're shopping at all, most at least care about their customers and respect those who work for them!"

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