Saturday, November 19, 2011

What 'Democracy Looks Like' vs the 'Fight for Democracy'

This is how an Established Democracy treats it 'free citizens'

UC Davis Professor Demands Chancellor Resign Over Pepper Spraying Of Students

And the established media reports are almost always heavily in favor of the Police actions against a free democratic societies citizens airing their grievances with peaceful protest and none violent civil disobedience, whatever happens is the fault of the citizens not any authorities, those doing or those ordering!

This is what the Fight for Democracy elsewhere looks like

Over 50,000 Egyptian protesters flocked to Cairo's Tahrir square on Friday to pressure the military government to transfer power to elected civilian rule, after the cabinet tried to enshrine the army's role in a constitutional proposal. (REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany)
And our same free speech established media, when others are fighting for there freedoms and are under siege by police and or military forces, or even other civilians, those attacking the peaceful demonstrators are berated heavily as paid forces and more under the government control of the officials and elites within those societies!

Over at Huff Post they are asking if this poster goes to far in comparing OWS to actions by others:

I say No, as you can take any one of the many pictures, posters, reports, throughout history, and they show the plight of the masses at the hands of the want for complete and total power, control and wealth by the few anywhere on this planet! They cement the fact that people everywhere are no different nor is the long history of suppression! The power hungry even use these knowns in history as reasons in their propaganda of condemning others while practicing same! Like our use, here in the States, of the above in Tiananmen Square in condemnation of China's treatment of it's citizens, and those citizens wants, and human rights issues!

If that photo and video had happened Anywhere else on this planet it would be heavily Viral across the News Media and Front Pages, Including the corporate tea party backers the FOX especially, in condemnation of the police actions, with the reporting Heavily on the Human Rights Violations of those on the receiving end of the pepper spray, or even bullets, and it would be a topic tomorrow on the sunday morning talking heads variety shows leading into a Full Week of coverage!!

Here, I caught, surprisingly, a very short clip and a few words on the local morning news, that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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