Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why So Much $$$ in Politics and 'Not' Economic Growth?

We've had our priorities all screwed up for the past decades, especially in the rapid growth of political during the past decade, and it's gotten even worse. There's so much money going into the politics it's even had a rapid growth of grifters quickly profiting from just speaking to hawking all types of products. Those that fight paying their fair share into the societies treasury, while using all that benefit them, readily pony up the costs of these products and political contributions and not blink an eye as to the hypocrisy, while not demanding they sacrifice as to the results of our recent wars of choice and to those who have. Speaking of which, those extremely failed policies costs billions and will for the coming decades as to the growth of national security in relation to them creating a whole new generation of hatreds where only a few will strike out in retaliation with criminal terrorism that knows no borders.

Ask yourself, "why are we spending so much on the politics, especially one so called political party trying to tear down what was built in this society, and tearing that down with huge corporate and individual funding?", instead of heavily investing in initiatives like this below as well as innovative growth in alternative energy sources and more. What we once did as a society and country. We even worry more about the buying and selling of the stocks on the wall street instead of where exactly is that supposed investment in public companies actually going, certainly most not to economic growth for the country and the possibilities of for all.

Preparing for a Green Economy with SCA

Nov 17, 2011 - The focus on green jobs as a potential bright spot in a down economy has created a “sweet spot” for nonprofits like the Student Conservation Association (SCA) that were already focused on providing jobs skills and career training while addressing the nation’s conservation needs.

Last year through SCA, 4,200 young people provided some 2 million hours of meaningful conservation work in parks, forests and communities in every state in the nation. Not only are these young people conserving our natural and cultural treasures, but they're receiving job readiness training during a time of record youth unemployment. And, most importantly, they're on the path towards becoming lifelong stewards of our land.

The services rendered by SCA members bring immediate and tangible benefits to our environment, but ultimately SCA’s mission is to build new generations of conservation leaders. To that end, SCA has implemented a series of career and workforce development initiatives aimed at providing young participants with the critical hands-on skills they need to enter the conservation workforce. The programs are often in partnership with federal lands management agencies as well as with corporations looking to engage youth in sustainable jobs.

Below are three examples of young people who gained green jobs skills training as a result of an experiential partnership program between SCA and a federal partner.

The Tribal Intern program:

Sure there are groups like this all over the country, but just groups with small numbers of members, even a group of veterans started this Veterans Green Jobs for returning vets but it's only in a few area's and like all the others they seek the needed funding to continue instead of being looked at by investors, the wealthy and especially congress and if working investing into to help reach even more in these times especially.

Billions are being spent on the politics, as well as corporate lobbyist, which only reach the few involved. Political campaigns depend more on unpaid volunteer workers then in those few within each actually getting paid and the waste in so much advertising, especially heavily propagandized attack ads with no policy ideologies needed for the country.

Why are we not investing heavily, especially in the years prior to and since the collapse, not just here but rippled worldwide in so called western economies.

Not the U.S., once the leader in more ways than economic growth and envied by the rest, those now growing in filling our needs, as the politics and the greed strangle what this country once was. Isn't the America of not to far back as it collapses further from morals to economic policy and growth!

Governments and private sector accelerating transition to green economy – UN

16 November 2011 – Businesses and governments are accelerating investment in the green sectors of the economy, a United Nations report unveiled today shows, stressing that the trend will facilitate the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive global economic model.

Investing just two per cent of the global gross domestic product (GDP) in 10 key sectors would kick-start a shift from the current environment-polluting and inefficient economy to a green one, according to the report, entitled Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication and prepared by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

“The elements of a transition to a Green Economy are clearly emerging across developing and developed countries alike,” said Achim Steiner, the UNEP Executive Director.

“There are now some nations going further and faster than others, which is in many ways generating a ‘pull factor’ that, if maintained, may bring others along over the coming months and years.”

China is the world’s lead investor in renewable energy, overtaking Spain in 2009 and spending $49 billion last year. Overall, China is committed to spending $468 billion over the next five years, more than double the previous five years, on key industries, including renewable energy, clean technologies and waste management, according to the report. read more>>>

These are some of the issues being demanded by the Occupy movement, even if not verbally spoken to directly, but added to what the many others are seeing that is and has been wrong for far to many years. Even some of the growth during the nineties was a false growth based on the ever changing credit scheme's making many actually think they were sharing in the new capitalism initiated over the last couple of decades.

Only one branch of government tries to make the point about smart economic growth and they not only get hammered by their opposition but by the public, their supporters and detractors, for even doing that. As the political coffers grow as well as the grifters reap.

Just a few thoughts I've had over the past couple of decades of my existence on this planet and starting the first couple growing up in, and into my working profession, what once was. Along with everything else that happened the past decade those thoughts grew as I lived in like everyone else. And very few even speak about, at least the talkin heads that reap their livings off of doing nothing but are described as experts in this and that.

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