Tuesday, December 06, 2011

'job creators'?

If the wealthy and especially the corporations are the only means to 'job creation', according to any and all teabags, then why are so many at the government ever growing, by bid costs, feed bag?! Especially in area's of defense and infrastructure as well as no-bid war contractors, oh the list goes on! And then we have the so called representative's fighting so hard for the billions in federal pork, especially in states that get more then they send to Washington, and if cut off scream it'll cost jobs?!?!?

Seems we the Government create an awful lot of private employment on our dime as well as create an awful lot of ever extremely greater wealth for those that sit in the executive suites! Why aren't they using that private investment capital, in their coffers and the reason supposedly for Wall Street, once was, to Research and Develop then if successful selling their wares to Us, like other private companies invest in and if developing a failure product they suffer the consequences, whatever they may be, of as they do with real good product, helping them build, expand and hire!!!

Example: If you think Boeing is going to have cheaper bids because of the new plant in South Carolina, if doing government contracts, as wages are used as the blame, They Never Are or execs wouldn't be getting the comps they do, then I've got a bunch of Prime lakefront property to sell ya in the middle of the desert!!!!!!!

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