Monday, December 19, 2011

Keystone XL pipeline: Jobs 'Tens Of Thousands'?

Lets put this meme further into the ground, Tain't Gonna Happen!!

Crooks and Liars have a short put down of this feeding from another: 'Tens Of Thousands' Of Jobs From Keystone XL Pipeline? Not Exactly

Mother Jones also adds to the reality, I'll get to that in a moment but first just a few thoughts from a Long Time Construction tradesman.

First this isn't the Alaskan Pipeline years no more, hell All construction over the past couple of decades has morphed into less labor bodies needed, split between specialized subs, few major contractors have skilled professionals working with them if any, it's all office workers as costs rose rapidly over same timeline and wages stagnated.

Thing about these clowns is they haven't a clue as to Actual work and especially in the construction industry, and if and when this pipeline is built or done No Jobs will be added as the refineries are already in existence even those for this dirty crude, Mother Jones has a good report on just where they are located All over the U.S.!!

Very very minimal jobs numbers would occur and those that do most would be very short term as it goes through communities and states, very few would work it through the length, very very few as in supervisors and a few assistants maybe with project mangers coming in from wherever the general contractors office is for a day or two !!!! And as I said above when finished only a few to probably no jobs would be needed!!

Here's the MoJo report: There's No Hiding From Tar Sands Oil

Keystone XL pipeline or no, America is awash with the dirty oil from Canada. Here's our interactive map revealing the refineries near you.

This 'Tens Of Thousands' of jobs crap is the same type of extreme crap as the 'give more tax cuts to the job creators', which caused negative job growth throughout the bush administration till total collapse and only stagnant growth through the Obama administration!

The old rovian revisionist history speak playbook of really poor propaganda choices yet some eat them up and parrot them grabbing as many total fools as they can!

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