Thursday, December 15, 2011

Occupy’s next act

Instead of fizzling out in the wake of police crackdowns, activists take to the trees, parks, banks, ports, radio stations—and soon arenas, ballot boxes and the Capitol itself
12.15.11 - For a moment, it appeared as if the Occupy movement, including the local chapter here in Sacramento, might be a one-hit wonder.

During the past weeks, law enforcement—with bravado and cunning that belied, some say masked, traditional brute police force—successfully raided and shut down Occupy encampments throughout the country, including Los Angeles, the original Wall Street protest in New York City’s Zucotti Park and most recently in San Francisco.

Here in Sacramento, the movement’s members were in flux, if not dwindling. Until recently, nine original Occupy Sacramento activists faced the prospect of a court trial and possibly six months in prison. Even Occupy Davis—not to be confused with the student brigade on UC Davis’ campus—received notice recently from the city that its little encampment at B and Fifth streets downtown was in violation.

Last week could have been the nationwide movement’s death rattle.

Instead, it might be a of tipping point, one that seems to have ushered in Occupy’s “second act”—with a peek at a potential 2012 agenda, including Occupy electoral candidates and a proposed occupation of the state Capitol. read more>>>

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