Wednesday, December 07, 2011

"to wonder if their sacrifice was justified," Lucas said

Only 8,000 U.S. troops left in Iraq
December 6, 2011 - After nearly nine years of war, the U.S. is getting out of Iraq. Just 8,000 troops remain at five bases, down from 170,000 spread out over more than 500 bases in 2007. All will leave by the end of the month.

CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod met some of them at Camp Kalsu, and found their work is far from over.

At Camp Kalso Army base, 60 miles south of Baghdad, soldiers of the 1st Brigade, First Cavalry, are making their final checks. It won't be long now before they load up and move out.


He re-enlisted as soon as he got his degree, then pushed to go back to Iraq. As he prepares to leave, he's thinking of five Army buddies - Justin, Jason, Damien, Pierre, Jose - five soldiers killed in Iraq.

"I guess if I think about them it's mostly to wonder if their sacrifice was justified," Lucas said, adding that he still doesn't know the answer. read more with video report>>>

Something to bring thought, look at the names of his brothers lost in that conflict, should tell you what the military and country are made up of and who serves it in the defense of!

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