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Veterans Uncertain Futures

War Veterans and those futures are hinged on the American public and especially coming from the political speak of those we hire to represent us in the governments, federal, state and local. And especially from the so called right, but they are doing the bidding of those represented as extremely few are demanding any Sacrifice, DeJa-Vu all over again, for these wars and the results from, a decade plus added to the previous decades!

Iraq veterans return to uncertain futures

There have been numerous similar reports over the past decade and they are once again coming from many media fronts as the U.S. Military involvement, sans our now huge private merc army security in our names still, in the war in Iraq comes to an end.

December 15, 2011 - With troops on their way home from Iraq, Nine on Your Side took a look at what exactly these soldiers will be hit with when they return.

These men and women who fought for our freedom will come home to fight for health care and those that are healthy will fight for employment.

For James Kladis, President of the Pitt County Veterans Council, it's a story he hears all too often: veterans coming home and trading one war for another.

"You ask these young men and women to go overseas and fight for our cause but now we're going to tell them, as soon as you get back, you're fired," said Kladis. read more>>>

Read this recent one or watch the video report above or at the site.

In it you will catch this:

"You cannot, nor can any country, continue to police the world. We need to start fixing the streets, the roads, the schools and creating jobs right here in America," said Rep. Walter B. Jones, (R) NC.

Notice who it comes from and also the back to the 'police the world' meme so often used prior to the same labeled (R)'s started rubber stamping two more wars and especially the leaving of the main mission and promises in Afghanistan to invade and destroy Iraq, talk about 'policing', eight plus years in Iraq and Afghanistan turned quickly into a quagmire and still ongoing.

I keep reading, hearing and receiving glossy mailings from my reps touting same as above about infrastructure especially from the (T)'s, (R)'s disappeared long ago, while they've obstructed anything to do with long ignored infrastructure needs in this country except for the occasional pork projects so they can claim they brought home the bacon.

The above quote is followed with this:

President Obama's post 9-11 GI Bill does offer companies incentives for hiring veterans but, even with a job, veterans still face the looming cost of health care - Congress pushing for further investment in veteran affairs.

"We've invested in equipment and housing and recreation and all the quality of life issues that they need and deserve," said Rep. G.K. Butterfield, (D) NC.

And even with the far to often times the (D)'s have consistently folded to senate minority and house majority in the 112th congress, and the minorities in the previous congress, of constant lockstep obstruction they have actually done tons for the Soldiers, Families of and the Veterans of not only these two wars but the Veteran population as a whole, but it's still far from the needs of decades of neglect and ignoring as we came home.

There have only been two consistent groups fighting for the Military personal needs and the Veterans community in the past three years. One is within the Administration and two of those who started prior to entering the White House and continue are the First and Second ladies of the country. The other is the administration of the Veterans Affairs agency under retired Gen Shinseki and doing so while still being underfunded with two wars and constant condemnations from the Congress, both sides in many cases, and even many in the Veterans community.

At present, related not just to veterans but the whole country as to jobs and the economy is the once again threat to shut down the government:

Requires Obama to decide whether the pipeline is in the national interest.

Republicans liked the deal because of the mechanism for paying for it and because of the Keystone provision.

As Rachel lays out in this from last night:

Think again what Jones says in the previous report, and I've heard similar from many especially them (T)'s and seems that's what they were running on leading to the last election and not only for fed jobs. And remember, the wars costs were voted on as off the books expenses, with no bid contracts by private corporations rubber stamped the costs in building a huge private army of highly paid hired guns still on our payroll all of it!

They're demanding the 'job creators' continue their huge tax cuts so they will create jobs, what they didn't do during the whole decade of cuts and most of that decade with no over site on the regulations already on the books, which they also want eliminated completely as well.

They won't give greatly needed funding to Infrastructure needs, and that's much more then roads and bridges. thus still causing still huge economic problems, because of the long lack of private funding for business infrastructure needs.

With construction stagnated or non existent and contractors big and small as well as sub-contractors really needing a huge shot in the arm as to the wide variety of projects all the infrastructure needs would bring. But especially the tens of thousands of construction trades people as to much needed jobs easily transferred from the different area's of the industry and able to train new trades people, Veterans especially, but they demand that pipeline from Canada which will not bring forth many jobs and could potentially further cause damage to our countries environment, especially the clean water supplies, as well as further damage to long neglected infrastructure!!

We could have started coming out of the economic collapse much more rapidly, it started coming some five years prior to the wall street, banking and mortgage con games blew up, we saw it in the construction industry, if congress had worked with the incoming administration's vision on infrastructure needs as well as the alternative energy industry, that now is flourishing elsewhere but not here and not with private 'job creator' funding. Other countries have started using what we developed some forty years ago and having the experienced trades with the innovative idea's that brings have greatly expanded that technology while we here still allow the special interests, with their politicians, block the growth here.

Trades people, now most idled, could have already been teaching the younger generations, who had stayed out of entering the trades with the stagnated wages and few benefits, and especially the veterans coming out of the service and many from multiple tours in either one of or both theaters of occupation, the cannot be learned in classrooms professions. These jobs, stagnated wages but still comfortable to exist with a family and if once again in real capitalism would grow steadily as they once did, would have created the ripple effect in the communities done, as the recovery funding did, of helping small businesses to stay in business as well as created more jobs to fill the needs and demands of the consumers working within, especially the construction industry consumer, they work hard and thus spend for comforts, always have.

Instead a so called political party, with some help from the other side, continue to hold the greater majority of the country, now known as the 99%, hostage for the few, 1%, who have reaped huge wealth and power.

While the real American 1%, those that served in these two wars, or the military during, and their families, come home to the destroyed country, from within, to fight just to exist and live. While country still use words, symbols and the flag and claiming oh how much they 'Support' yet not one dime of Sacrifice is Demanded!

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