Friday, December 09, 2011

Wreaths for Veterans

A Wreath for Every Headstone
December 9, 2011 - Friends and family will gather this weekend at the National Cemetary of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville, and at national cemetaries across the country, to honor the memory of veterans buried there. The nonprofit group Wreaths Across America (WAA) will lay wreaths on more than 400,000 military graves nationwide this holiday season.

Chuck Kovach, of Washington County, volunteers with WAA. His father served in the south Pacific during World War II, and both of his parents are interred at the National Cemetary of the Alleghenies. As an architect for FedEx Ground, Kovach got his employer involved in the program. The company now provides around $100,000 in in-kind shipping services to transport wreaths across the country.

Wreaths Across America’s objective is to have a wreath on every headstone in every national cemetary. With two active wars and an aging population of veterans from previous conflicts, it’s getting more difficult to stay on pace with that goal. “It’s an ever-growing number,” Kovach said. Last year, 85 veterans were laid to rest at the National Cemetary of the Alleghenies. “At last report that number has increased to 135 funerals per month,” he said. read more>>>

No Revenues = No Sacrifice = No Support = DeJa-Vu all over again!. Now a decade and counting added to the previous decades of under funding the VA, while the peoples reps Still try and lay blame on the Agency, after rubber stamping wars and costs of and those represented cheer on these wars! While the wealthy and other investors garner their booty, still, from both and many have the chutz·pa to call themselves more patriotic{?} then others wrapped in those false flags, using false slogans and various cheap symbols of!

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