Monday, February 27, 2012

America: From decline to rebirth

As a child born as WWII ended I lived the first part of my life in the rapid rise of economic growth, envied by all around this planet, and into that workforce of innovative, educated, skilled and mostly respected workforce. The second part not so as slowly the labor force saw their return on that experience stagnate and more and more respect for lost, rapidly over the last couple of decades. In these last decades we have praised, some worship, the rise of the wealth, on the labors of the masses, in the new capitalism we've followed that is built on just that that the few would greatly benefit and need do little to earn, along with the many schemes to con the masses into thinking they actually were still sharing in what they labored in, not the same as the old and that yet had not been perfected.

America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part I
March/April 2012 - LIKE YOU AND OTHER AMERICANS, I love my country, its wonderful people, its boundless energy, its creativity in so many fields, its natural beauty, its many gifts to the world, and the freedom it has given us to express ourselves. So we should all be angry, profoundly angry, when we consider what has happened to our country and what that neglect could mean for our children and grandchildren.

How can we gauge what has happened to America in the past few decades and where we stand today? One way is to look at how America now compares with other countries in key areas. The group of twenty advanced democracies—the major countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, the Nordic countries, Canada, and others—can be thought of as our peer nations. Here’s what we see when we look at these countries. To our great shame, America now has: read more>>>

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