Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Anonymous to Black Bloc - Cease!

Anonymous speaks out on Black Bloc

We of the Anti-War movement of Vietnam dealt with your parents or gran parents back in our day, especially the agent provocateurs of the government agencies, or special interests, who were building dossiers especially of us Vietnam Veterans, we didn't have this technology. What they did then was prolong that war of choice thus leading to the spin of the messages, or just plain ignoring same, as to these present wars of choice and support for, of the Pro-Peace coalitions widely spoken by hundreds of thousands, but not the sacrifice of the country, again.

Your actions now, and those following the few hired by the a fore mentioned, are feeding the much needed meme's of condemnation the media seek as to what Occupy means and the special interests that want to maintain as they continually destroy what this country once was building, you get that same blowback the rest of us do and your controllers want it that way!

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