Saturday, February 25, 2012

Enthusiasm for 'Welcome Home Parades' is Great, But

Rachel I'm glad you're really hyped about these 'Welcome Home' parades, but you like most of the country and especially congress, outside of the present administration being the only ones speaking and doing, so I give my very little voice of advice one more time.

Parades are not Sacrificing by the country, but boy howdy are they quickly over and cost little to hold, and thankfully the kids love a parade, for what these soldiers were sent into, now a decade and counting of None nor Demanding they should, added to the previous decades.

Welcome Home Little Brothers and Sisters!!

But there will Still be No Demand for Sacrifice by Country!!
No Revenues = No Sacrifice = No Support = DeJa-Vu all over again!. Now a decade and counting added to the previous decades of under funding the VA, while the peoples reps Still try and lay blame on the Agency, after rubber stamping wars and costs of and those represented cheer on these wars!

While the wealthy and other investors garner their booty, still, from both and many have the chutz·pa to call themselves more patriotic{?} then others wrapped in those false flags, using false slogans and various cheap symbols of!

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Now I'm not calling you out on reporting on these, Please continue doing so and with that Same Enthusiasm, But Please start adding the Reality as to what I posted above. Think about what the previous admin did with their rubber stamping congresses, and about congress members inside trading, related to these wars and the veterans of, let alone us older veterans as they sought these wars, think of the ignoring veterans, PTS for some forty years, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome and so much more from all our wars, leaving the main mission and promises to the Afghan people to destroy Iraq on hyped false and ever changing intelligence. Have a staff member listen in to the Veterans Affairs congressional hearings, especially the House and who controls that, both houses though with the 112th the Senate ones have not only been rare there hasn't been much of anything till the end of this month, and next week. Pay real close attention to how the so called conservative members, both sides of that political isle, ask questions and interrupt those testifying and especially if from the VA and how they never point to themselves nor those they represent, one who did was Rep. Bob Filner in the last two congresses and led the House Veterans Committee but he's retiring from congress. Ask why none of the so called candidates, with even a reality show called Debates and multi millions backing them especially from the corporate persons, only mention the wars and veterans of them and rarely the older vets of this country when they feel the need to wave the flag, back to parades on that one.

You've now got a powerful soapbox, and You Really Care, use it!!!!!!!!

USN '67-'71 All Shore GMG3 Vietnam In Country '70-'71

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