Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Does 'Take a Village'

From the family to the extended family to the surrounding community to the greater community all the way to the society as a whole:

Learning to manage bullies, one school at a time
The boy who allegedly shot his classmates in Ohio on Monday says he'd been bullied by some of those who were victims. Bullying is the motive behind most school shooting. CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano found a woman who is trying to stop bullying one school at a time. read more>>>

While bullying has always been and will continue it isn't that hard to greatly minimize and in many cases eliminate, we once mostly shunned adults that did and made them feel the guilt they should have, no more!

The rhetoric mostly from adults grows even more dangerous and the kids are being taught that, as does the speak about guns and being armed to so called protect, we modern 'adults' are the guilty parties to bringing about the rise of the deadly retaliations and blowback being carried out now by our children and especially in their schools, it's all of us doing the teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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