Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DHS and the Occupy Wall Street Documents

Knowing how things actually work, think back to the Nixon era FBI and the spying on the Anti-War movement especially us Vietnam Veterans who participated and the many ways they went about it with much not coming out till much later and we probably never saw the full extent. And now with the country leaving everything on the table, no accountability as to the previous administration and their congresses who quickly rubber stamped all the wants, one knows that will be used by others, as was warned, in administrations and especially agencies without executive knowledge from then forward.

DHS Turns Over Occupy Wall Street Documents to Truthout
21 March 2012 - The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) closely monitored the Occupy Wall Street movement, providing agency officials with regular updates about protests taking place throughout the country, responding to requests from fusion centers for intelligence on the group and mining Twitter for information about Occupy's activities, according to hundreds of pages of internal documents DHS released to Truthout Wednesday morning in response to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

While the nearly 400 pages of documents do not contain any clear-cut evidence showing that DHS worked with local law enforcement and local government officials on the coordinated crackdown of Occupy encampments throughout the country last October, the materials provide insight into the agency's role in some cities where OWS encampments were dismantled.

For example, in response to a media inquiry from the Huffington Post, DHS spokesman Matthew Chandler told reporter Sean McCormack on background November 18 that Federal Protective Services (FPS) "has only been involved in one instance in removing protestors, in Portland, OR." read more with links to the docs>>>

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