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Bill 'Moyers & Company' 6 April 2012

Paul Volcker on the Volcker Rule April 5, 2012
April 5, 2012 - You’d think after such a calamitous economic fall, there’d be a strong consensus on reinforcing the protections that keep us out of harm’s way. But in some powerful corners, the opposite is happening. Business and political forces, including hordes of lobbyists, are working hard to diminish or destroy these protections. One of the biggest bull’s-eyes is on the Volcker Rule, a section of the Dodd-Frank Act that aims to keep the banks in which you deposit your money from gambling it on their own — sometimes risky — investments. read more with transcript link>>>

Paul Volcker on the Volcker Rule from on Vimeo.

Carne Ross on Being an Agent of Change
April 5, 2012 - If you’re disillusioned about government, know that you aren’t entirely powerless to create change. So says Bill’s guest Carne Ross. Once the rising star of British diplomacy and now a global activist, Ross’ book The Leaderless Revolution outlines ways to create alternative systems of governance and commerce.

“We have to accept that government is no longer fixing things for us. Whoever’s in charge, whichever bunch of politicians has taken over government, they will not provide the answer,” Ross tells Moyers. “We have to instead take on the burden ourselves. That is a fundamental cultural change, and I think it requires a real examination of our role in political circumstances.” read more with transcript link>>>

Carne Ross on Being Agents of Change from on Vimeo.

Bill Moyers Essay: Restructuring Wall Street From the Bottom Up
April 5, 2012 - In this essay, Bill shares how several American cities, including Los Angeles, Kansas City, and New York City, are challenging big banks, and holding them accountable to their communities.

Bill Moyers Essay: Restructuring Wall Street From the Bottom Up from on Vimeo.

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