Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The CIA Secret Prisons in Europe

Secret prisons in Europe, finds EU special committee
April 17, 2012 - EuroNews: organised system supporting the CIA's rendition programme were in place in several EU countries

Nobody, mainly on this issue the CIA budget costs are top secret, has mentioned not only how much these prisons cost us to allow their use in these countries, off the books, but also, not supposed to be a top secret cost and yet was off the books with everything else related to most of the past decade till the present administration, how much it cost this country to buy the so called 'coalition of the willing' especially for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to support same, especially the countries who sent no troops and just for their countries words of support!!

We did however take the mask off to the rest of the world as to who we really are as a society, not what we say we are as we condemn others, as to being a civil and law abiding nation and human rights leader, with these as well as all the rest that has taken place in the past decade plus!

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