Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Goes Around............

And if memory serves the little rambo, draft dodgin, patriot teddy was in on the 'Chick' bashing, Very In!!!

Comes Around!!
Army Cancels Nugent Concert Over Obama Comments

He hasn't got anything more, no rep to destroy, no talent to destroy, no cd's etc. to destroy, no radio stations are playin his tunes so can't boycott, he ain't got nothing, a young draft dodger who grew into cheering on wars of choice, cheering on the leaving the main mission and countries promises to destroy another country, that sent others into harms way, Nothin, and he had extremely little to start with!!

Via AATTP member Christie Ward - from a Facebook posting
"Quoting the intelligent and articulate Leslie Miller: "You know, the same people who screamed bloody murder over the Dixie Chicks for daring to criticize the President of the United States are now cheering on Ted Nugent for insinuating he'd like to kill the President of the United States. I guess for them, it really isn't the office that demands respect, as many of them argued at the time. It's not all about patriotism for your country. It's all about the political party of the President. Am I the only one who sees how hypocritical this is?"

In answer to Leslie, NOPE!!

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