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Climate Change: Teachers Trying to Teach the Reality Of

Fighting against the non reality and total disconnect of the continued special interests, and their minions, and their decades long and heavily funded fight to continue blocking the advancement forward and maintain the statuesque.

They aired a report on this last night, 2 May 2012, on the PBS News Hour.

In it this unbelievable statement came from a spokesperson for something called the Heartland Institute, what a play on propagandizing as to the organizations name.

HARI SREENIVASAN: A well-known conservative think tank, the Heartland Institute, doesn't trust the science behind the upcoming standards. Instead, they will try to influence teachers directly. The institute has announced they will create their own K-12 climate science curriculum. Heartland sees global warming has been a net positive.

James Taylor is a senior fellow at heartland.

JAMES TAYLOR, Heartland Institute: We have seen that soil moisture globally has improved. We have seen that droughts have become less frequent and less severe. We have seen expansion of forests. We've seen crop production reach record levels.

We've seen tornadoes and hurricanes -- to the extent that we can ascribe trends, we've seen that they have become less frequent and less severe. Across the board, we've seen that warmer climate, warmer temperatures have always benefited humans, and continue to do so.

Well this 'senior fellow', I suppose that means he's a highly educated individual, apparently was absent during much of his education and especially related to actual facts, on probably everything, on what is going on around this planet let alone right here in this country. Statements made with a straight face and absolutely no reference to where he dug these 'facts' up, just keep throwing them out there and they'll stick to at least some of the growing gullible and easily controlled.

All this is, as to the deniers of the obvious, is the modern meme's of blocking the creation of another industry, something we once did in many area's, no questions as we took chances and workers grew in experience and innovations, thus rapidly growing a once prosperous, not perfect, economy. I installed a few but was involved in more projects where the early prototypes of solar were installed, as well as changes in the construction of residential and commercial projects for efficient and cleaner homes and work places and cost savings, way back some forty years ago when it began here, right about the same time the export of our trades, thus manufacturing, started taking place.

This is the News Hour report:

Teachers Endure Balancing Act Over Climate Change Curriculum
AIR DATE: May 2, 2012 - SUMMARY

For the first time, new national educational standards for grades K-12 will link global warming trends to manmade emissions. Part of our Coping With Climate Change series, Hari Sreenivasan looks at the challenges teachers face when covering the topic of climate science in their classrooms. Transcript>>>

Watch Teachers Endure Balancing Act Over Climate Change Curriculum on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

I wasn't surprised by the mothers comments,

RENEE DOMICO: My biggest concern is that my kids are going to come home from high school and say: The world is warming up. We're too industrialized. We drive too many cars. We have too many people. And human nature is polluting the world.

parroting the new meme's and fully not understanding what her parents and granparents, though maybe not, had started building and those of us who grew up in and into once had, with public and private partnerships. But all I could think as to the spokesperson of the Heartland Institute was what planet is this guy on and getting it's information from, he spoke the total opposite of the realities and the mother is the type to buy it with no simple research.

Climate change, whether one wants to fully understand the human effect on or not, is and has been only one of the many Very Important Issues in moving to cleaner and cost saving alternatives that the special interests have pored money into, over these some forty years, to block the development into and maintain that huge growth in wealth in the dirty fossil fuels, and damage to the planet, that take millions of years to produce in the earth but only seconds to burn off once unearthed and used. There are a ton of important related issues as well as the not as important in growth of an industry like this.

Now those countries that we shipped our experienced innovative trades to, and no we don't get products any cheaper just ever growing bottom lines, that used the old sources and rapidly built their economies, as we once did, are not only investing in alternatives, in partnerships of public/private, they're moving rapidly away from us as we fall as rapidly, economically, but certainly not the very few at the top who still maintain they're proud and patriotic americans.

Our growing investor in this country into partnerships is the Chinese government and private investors in alternatives products, thus once again showing the failure of reaganomic free market supply side capitalism, as those who implemented the new capitalism are doing just what the detractors of warned over these some thirty years, not investing in economic growth but only personal wealth growth using the masses meager amounts especially on wall street which is no longer for investment in growing companies but only in growth of personal and investment firms into the street bottom lines, on paper, worth. With the masses paying for the things like infrastructure, much more then roads and bridges, in deals made, that the corporations and businesses need to gather even more wealth but not at a cost to them. States are begging the Chinese, and other governments, public and private investors to set up shop within with the same deals made to investors here to woo a company or corporation, only what happens here more often is to get them to move from another state to theirs.

The mother should be elated her children still have a mind that is working in critical thought and common sense, and teachers are trying to help develop that as most always have, and quite possibly dream of furthering into development of even newer alternatives or innovating the already known either in R&D or in manufacturing or installing and maintaining, before her and others like her tear that down and they become just like her, an actual functioning human robot saying and doing as any of the special interests want and against her own better interests as well as her children's!

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