Monday, June 11, 2012

Green Economy: "we are talking about newly created jobs"

Denial of climate change or especially whether humans are causing the rapid growth of, look around and pay attention, is not a reason to stop innovative industries from developing which would cause economic growth in many area's, which is exactly what those parroting, especially elected officials, are doing. Just like the some forty years of other special interests funding of their ever changing reasons like fossil fuels are cheap and abundant or alternatives needs are expensive to build and install, and as those fell new ones developed to fit their needs.

The rest of the world is fast coming on board in the innovative growth of alternative clean energy sources, what the U.S. had started back those some forty years ago only to be blocked, and still is especially in the new capitalism of not investing the heavy monetary growth at the top back into economic growth for the country. And roughly about the same time the innovative highly experienced trades and their work was being exported to many other countries.

150 000 jobs in green economy pipeline
Jun 11 2012 - Johannesburg - About 150 000 jobs are being created within the "green economy", the water and environmental affairs department said on Monday.

"In a nutshell we are already implementing a programme that is beginning to contribute to 150 000 jobs in this financial year...we are talking about newly created jobs," said director general Nosipho Ncaba at The New Age business briefing in Sandton.

"The Green Fund is the mechanism for us to at least make sure that there are enterprises set up to create development opportunities that are associated with either natural resources rehabilitation or greening the footprint," she said.

The department was given R800m for the Green Fund which would contribute to creating 300 000 jobs in the next three years. read more>>>

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