Saturday, June 16, 2012

Murdock Pushed Blairs Buttons on Iraq War for America's Republicans!

Looks like the blair was also murdocks poodle as well as the cheneys and bushes!! And all of them greatly increased their wealth from!!

Murdoch pressured Blair to rush into Iraq war, says Campbell in diaries
Spin doctor's claims in latest book contradict media mogul's evidence at Leveson Inquiry.

16 June 2012 - Rupert Murdoch launched an “over-crude” campaign to force Tony Blair to speed up Britain's entry into the Iraq war, according to the final volume of Alastair Campbell's diaries.

Mr Blair's former communications director accuses the media mogul of being part of a drive by American Republicans to drag Britain into the controversial war a week before the House of Commons even voted to approve the intervention in 2003.

The claim is explosive because it appears to contradict Mr Murdoch's evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. The News Corp chief told Lord Justice Leveson in April: "I've never asked a prime minister for anything."

It is the second time that claim has been contested. Sir John Major, the former Prime Minister, told the inquiry this week that Mr Murdoch threatened to withdraw the support of his newspapers for his Government unless it took a tougher stance on Europe.

Mr Campbell's book, based on his extensive diaries during his 10 years working for Mr Blair, claims: "[Tony Blair] took a call from Murdoch who was pressing on timings, saying how News International would support us, etc. read more>>>

The Burden of Power: Countdown to Iraq--The Alastair Campbell Diaries

Key Blair aide: Rupert Murdoch pressed UK leader on Iraq war, warned over delaying conflict
15 June 2012 - Tony Blair’s ex-communications director claimed Friday that media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s warned the British leader over the dangers of delaying the 2003 U.S.-led invasion as he made efforts to press the U.K. to support the conflict.

In the latest volume of his diaries, excerpts of which were published by The Guardian newspaper, Alastair Campbell said Blair found Murdoch’s protests clumsy and that they both suspected he had been urged to intervene by the White House. read more>>>

I would still like to find information, nobody seems to know or care, how much this country paid, off the books like the costs of both wars were till the present administration put them back on, by the bush administration and their rubber stamper republicans in congress as to buying the coalition of the willing in supporting the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Especially as to those not sending any troops and for the CIA secret prisons. But then we find out that congress had the legal ability to do insider trading, only changed recently, so who in congress started buying and trading off the no bid contracts and more from their knowledge especially in the private meetings, congressional republicans mostly, with that administration related to the beating of the war drums, growing louder and louder as they started abandoning the main mission of why we even sent soldiers into that region, leading to 'shock and awe' bombing and long occupation of!

Still waiting impatiently for the final report on the Chilcot Brit Iraq War Inquiry, already delayed by months, to come out sometime this summer. And as these reports keep coming out wondering how much of the closed door parts of that inquiry will be released or redacted if even seen.

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