Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Now Infamous Phony Veterans' Charity

How a con man used campaign $ to get his phony Veteran's charity exempted from State law
Jun 11, 2012 - Even though he is now in jail after a manhunt, no one knows con man Bobby Thompson's real name. What is clear is that Thompson from Florida managed to make very carefully targeted campaign contributions to selected Virginia politicians and then shortly afterwards had a law passed in Va. that specifically exempted his phony Veteran's charity from laws intended to prevent phony charities. The vast majority of the money went to Cuccinelli, who called up Thompson and lobbied for more. The Attorney General's office is in charge of regulating and overseeing charities.

Excerpts from the above link:

"Thompson is charged with defrauding Ohio citizens of $2 million for his phony charity, the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. It reportedly raised $100 million across the country and spent a pittance on veterans....And if Thompson's capture is causing some gut rumbles in Richmond, it's not hard to understand why...

Because it was here in the Old Dominion that the Florida man pulled off one of his most audacious flimflams. He bought himself a law in the 2010 Virginia General Assembly that would benefit his scam. And many questions remain about how he was able to manage that. read more>>>

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