Sunday, June 10, 2012

Patriotic?: Private Businesses Scamming Veterans - DeJa-Vu

This is once again, actually ongoing, being brought into the public forum but to few are reporting on it to reach the veterans it needs to. Not only happening in Utah but around the country as companies use vulture sales techniques for profit and not to help veterans, as they falsely advertise that's their purpose, with flags and them patriotic symbols and words. Quickly it will disappear, especially in an election year, as campaigns get funding donations from same companies and many representatives will know why. Some veterans, knowing the country has yet to sacrifice especially this past decade plus, or families of, with more then enough personal resources even know what's going on and they use these businesses to help them get what they shouldn't as they aren't indigent thus taking from their brothers and sisters that are as well as the underfunded Veterans Administrations.

Utah, U.S. veterans are targeted by ‘pension poachers’
State official says victims are paying for services the VA offers for free.

Jun 07 2012 - Utah veterans at senior centers, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are being approached by more than 20 companies or agents looking to take advantage of their pension benefits, Terry Schow estimates.

Schow, executive director of the Utah Department of Veteran Affairs, collected the stories of seven exploited veterans and submitted them at a Wednesday hearing of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

"There are some people who have taken the business of helping veterans into profit-making," he said before the hearing.

Certain low-income veterans are entitled to pensions, and more than 200 agencies across the United States are "marketing financial products and services" to help veterans qualify for the benefits, according to a Wednesday report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The yearlong investigation found that veterans who do not meet pension requirements are qualifying for and receiving the funding, often because they were encouraged to do so by private companies. read more>>>

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