Friday, June 08, 2012

UpDate on WWII Pilot: How a Tepub Representative Apologizes

Last night I posted up two CBS News reports about a widow of a WWII pilot and her attempts to find out what happened to him. For her and for years all she knew was he was MIA or just plain missing. When finally she found out, through the help of a relative, she also found a small French village that has been honoring him for all those years.

Well because of those CBS reports her representative, in congress, who was the vice-chairman of the House Armed Services Committee back in 2005, and rubber stamping the costs of these two present wars, was forced into finally apologizing now after some seven years.

Texas rep. apologizes to WWII soldier's widow for "mishandling" info about fate of husband

June 7, 2012 - A Texas congressman has apologized to a woman for "mishandling" information relating to the whereabouts of her husband, a fighter pilot who went missing after a 1944 mission in France.

Rep. Mac Thornberry, who was contacted by Peggy Harris back in 2005, said his office "did not do enough to come to a clear, final answer" about what happened to her husband Billie Harris after he was reported missing following a July 17, 1944 mission over Nazi-occupied northern France.

"I have sent her a personal apology for the mishandling of this sensitive matter and for any distress she has suffered as a result," Thornberry wrote on his Facebook page.

And here's the standard fair {no} apology:

Below are Rep. Thornberry's comments:

I would like to share some comments on a recent news story regarding Mrs. Peggy Harris.

My office maintains a strict rule that all constituent communications and correspondence are kept completely confidential. We do not share the actual content of our files or comment on it under any circumstances out of respect for people's privacy and to protect personal information. There are no exceptions. We shared this policy with CBS verbally and sent them a written statement confirming the policy before the broadcast of last night's story. They chose not to include it.

I can only say that in 2005 my office contacted various organizations on Mrs. Harris' behalf, following standard casework procedures. Conflicting information was sent back to Mrs. Harris and we did not do enough to come to a clear, final answer. I have sent her a personal apology for the mishandling of this sensitive matter and for any distress she has suffered as a result.

The video of the first report, second one is at above link to last nights.

Not an once of guilt from this congressman nor his staff over these years, none when asked about by CBS, then when aired they rush to apologize and try to make the network the guilty party in doing so. You can bet those that will vote for him again won't have an once of guilt neither, they never have as they ignore incidents committed by those they hire that would get them fired or more!

Thought some might want to see especially if you're in his district. He and his staff not doing what they were hired to do represent those that pay them!

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Anonymous said...

Saw this story on TV this morning. It brought a proud tear to my eye to see how the people of France honored this brave pilot. Unfortunately that reaction was soured by my utter disgust for the widow's treatment by "family values" "patriotic American" "Representative" Thornberry. I only regret that I don't live in his district so I can vote against this repulsive hypocrite in the next election.