Monday, July 16, 2012

50 States: Freeing the Grid

This morning we launched a new online version of Freeing the Grid, our award-winning report card on net metering and interconnection practices for all 50 states. Together these two policies help empower Americans to generate their own electricity from solar and other renewables.

Freeing the Grid serves as a roadmap for moving each state toward an 'A' grade. Its new online home will make it even easier for states to make the grade. The site arms advocates, stakeholders and policymakers with:

Animated introduction to net metering and interconnection policies;
Interactive U.S. map that can be filtered by year, policy and key program characteristics;
Freeing the Grid grade and summary for each state available in printable PDF format for easy offline use;
Additional detailed information regarding the latest net metering and interconnection rules from DSIRE, the go-to resource for current clean energy policies nationwide;
And all kinds of fancy sharing capabilities so you can get social with your media.

While there's still plenty of room for improvement, it's exciting to see states of all shapes, sizes and political persuasions already making real renewable progress. See for yourself which states are head of the class and which deserve a detention when it comes to their renewable policies.

Thanks as ever to our compadres at IREC, NNEC and the North Carolina Solar Center for their partnership on this project. Now that's a bright bunch.


Rosalind + the Vote Solar team

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