Monday, July 02, 2012

Anti-torture group seeks records

They say tax dollars bought fencing for Aero Contractors, a private company
Jul 01, 2012 - An all-ages group of protestors lined East Market Street on Tuesday, holding blown-up photos of Muslim men and banners condemning torture.

Members of Stop Torture Now are fighting the CIA’s practice of extraordinary rendition, in which suspected terrorists are flown to foreign countries for interrogation, sometimes using techniques that opponents describe as torture. And while they know no one in Johnston County can stop the program, they want to know if the county spent local tax dollars to benefit the flight company thought to be working with the CIA.

Tuesday’s rally aimed to garner attention for the group’s request for public records from Johnston County officials. They’ve asked for documents and correspondence showing how and why Johnston spent a $150,000 federal airport-security grant.

Stop Torture Now says the Johnston County Airport Authority spent much of the grant – which required a $16,000 match – on installing barbed-wire fencing around Aero Contractors, the Smithfield-based company that has been linked to the CIA flights. Other parts of the airport property, group leaders said, remain open to security threats with only a cow pasture fence. read more>>>

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