Friday, July 13, 2012

Democracy? in America

The Economist asks you to 'imagine' what if the now rampant push for certain new laws were pointed at another issue that so much is said and done, and so much spent on, to protect. And most of those protecting same are enacting laws now to destroy the rights of the citizens of a representative democracy, the same thing they say they are fighting for as to their very issue.

Does Florida have a democracy problem?

This is their opening paragraph.

Jul 12th 2012 - IMAGINE that officials in California pass legislation making it deliberately onerous to own a gun. They enact every roadblock favoured by the gun-control community and then some. They mandate backround checks, waiting periods and burdensome paperwork. They restrict the number of gun shops in the state to two, both state-owned. They make it illegal to bring a gun in from out of state. They send threatening letters to all suspected gun owners telling them the state believes they possess an illegal weapon and that they must prove the weapon's legality or risk a felony conviction and five years in prison. When pressed, the sponsor of this legislation denies he opposes gun ownership. He says he just wants to make it as hard as possible to own guns so that gun owners really appreciate their rights.

Indeed, 'Imagine' what if, read the rest to find out more.

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